Five Issues in Washington for Pharma to Watch

At the Coalition’s Rising Leaders conference on healthcare policy in Washington, D.C. May 22, a diverse set of speakers provided updates and predictions, and discussed the potential impact of the many significant healthcare policy decisions pending on Capitol Hill. This POV provides an overview of five issues to watch that were highlighted at the conference, as well as strategies for addressing them.


What About YouTube? Streaming TV and the List-Price Mandate

In the wake of the May 8 list-price mandate for DTC TV ads issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) — and, even before that, since the draft rule was issued in October 2018 — one of the questions we are hearing from clients is, “What about YouTube?” Read on to learn more.


Digital Health Coalition Moves Innovation Forward at East Coast Summit

As part of its commitment to keeping our industry up to date, the nonprofit Digital Health Coalition (DHC) organizes events to drive discussion around issues relevant to the digital marketing of healthcare products and services. Last week, Pfizer graciously hosted the first DHC Summit of the year at its world headquarters in Manhattan. Themes of […]


Four Rules From My Mom Every Woman Should Break

In today’s business environment – especially as a woman – I’ve learned that following the “rules” is not always the best thing.


Pharma Patient Support Programs: What Does the Future Hold?

Patient support services programs have become common in the pharmaceutical industry, yet government scrutiny has left some pharma companies wondering what to do with these programs in the future. This POV lays out recommendations from overall business, compliance, legal, and regulatory viewpoints.