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4 State Data Privacy Laws Pharma Marketers Need to Know About

Experts agree — there will be more data privacy laws governing how businesses use the personal consumer data they collect. Find out what pharma marketers need to know about the four privacy laws in play so far.


iOS 15 Update: Mail Privacy Protection

How will pharma marketers continue to deliver ethical, quality email experiences and personalization when Apple’s update hits? Read our POV to find out.


Predicting the Future of Data Privacy Regulation

Get our summary of a discussion between the Coalition for Healthcare Communication and Alison Pepper, EVP of Government Relations at the 4A’s, about the current data-privacy landscape.


Data Targeting for Rare Diseases

Some 7,000 different rare diseases affect 25-30 million Americans, but how can pharma marketers find them? Data analytics can help.


Corporate Cybersecurity: What Pharma Marketers Need to Know

Corporate data security is big business. Simple, everyday actions and awareness, as we describe in this Intouch POV, can help a marketer keep their brand’s, and company’s, and patients’, information safe.


Intouch EVP Takes on the Top Three Data-Privacy Myths

In this piece for the Forbes Tech Council, Intouch EVP David Windhausen addresses three common fears about data security and why those fears are unfounded.


Six Must-Do Steps for Optimal Machine Learning and Data Science

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence for data analysis takes work and patience. Learn about the six steps you MUST follow to get the best results from your data.


Intouch Takes Data Security to the Next Level With Two New, Highly Regarded Credentials

Data breaches have become so common, there’s a Wikipedia page devoted to cataloging them – to date, more than 300 breaches are listed. Types of industries affected include hospitality, travel, internet service providers, banking, social media, retail, and of course, healthcare, among others. The massive Equifax breach announced in September 2017 led the Federal Trade […]


Six Ways Data Science Can Create More Efficient Marketing Experiences

Data science: a term that always sounds cutting-edge. While discussions of personalized medicine and the related science of gene therapy and similar advances become more science than science fiction, pharma marketing is beginning to step into the individualized, independent experience economy, as well. What is the experience economy? It’s not just the product or service […]


Adobe Summit 2019: Data Defines the Experience

Adobe Summit just keeps growing. More sessions, more attendees, more solutions. The past two Summits have been all about the experience, and even though Intouch attendees reported that this year was all about the data, the 2019 Summit was really still all about the experience. Several Intouchers attended this year’s Summit and brought back key […]

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