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TikTok: The Next Leader in Behavioral Health?

TikTok’s unique combination of memes, entertainment, education, and an algorithm that doesn’t favor full-time content creators is the ideal foundation for pharma to build on. Find out more!


2022 Pharma Marketing Trend to Watch: Digital Medicine

Wearable technologies aren’t new, but we’re seeing, and expecting, increased pharma partnership with them. Learn more about how pharma can help patients stay connected for the best care, from the experts at Intouch.


Overwhelmed by Omnichannel? We’ve Got Your Back

Omnichannel marketing offers the options pharma marketers need to understand, reach, and make meaningful connections with their audiences. Find out more from the experts at Intouch.


Intouch’s Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Posts of 2021

Catch up on Intouch’s top 10 most-read healthcare marketing articles of 2021, as determined by you, our readers!


The 4 Questions Clients Ask About NFTs

As terms like “NFTs” and “metaverse” grab more headlines, our clients are wondering what their health industry-related applications might be. Find out where Intouch innovation expert Andrew Grojean thinks these digital assets fit in pharma marketing.


Primary Care Destinations Keep Changing; So Should Your Plans

Patients used to seek healthcare and prescription meds by visiting doctors’ offices — but today, they can find health services in some pretty unexpected places. Learn how pharma marketers can stay in the conversation.


What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2022

Through the lens of 7 trends, we examine how our lives have changed over the past two years, and what pharma marketers need to do to recognize and weed out old assumptions and approaches to how we do business in 2022, and beyond.


Pharma Marketing: Why There’s So Much of It and Why It Needs to Change

Intouch strategy SVP John Kenny shares his thoughts on pharma marketing and the need for mindful strategy — and strategists — in a recent episode of the podcast, On Strategy Showcase. Check it out!


Google’s 2021 Title Shakeup Part 2: Our SERP Title Analysis Study

Intouch’s SEO team looked at the recent changes from Google and how they affect pharma brands. Read on for their key observations and recommendations in part 2 of 2 posts on this important search update.


Connect 2021: What Facebook’s Metaverse Means for Marketers

What will a blending of the real and virtual worlds look like? And how can pharma marketers be part of this new hybrid environment? Four Intouch experts teamed up to provide answers.

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