September 21, 2016

In Case You Missed It: Creating Digital Sales Aids That HCPs and Reps Love

doctors meeting and shaking hands

Earlier this year, we shared the results of a survey we commissioned on how healthcare professionals and pharma reps use, and feel about, digital sales aids. Two articles and three infographics give you the highlights of what we learned.

From Salesperson to Concierge: The Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Representative
A modern rep’s role is less about sales and more about customer service. Tools like tablets can provide highly customized journeys through increasingly complex and useful information, and provide reps more detailed data on each interaction.

The Next-Generation Digital Sales Aid: Customized, Simplified, Relevant
This POV summarizes trends in tablet use in detailing between 2010 and 2015. It covers what helps physicians, what helps reps, what’s new, and how to create the best digital sales aids for any tablet.

Physicians Prefer e-Detailing

physicians prefer e-detailing graphic

How to Wow Healthcare Professionals

satisfaction by content type has declined graphic

Healthcare Professionals Are Becoming More Digitally Savvy

HCPs are becoming more digital savvy graphic

Digital sales aids have become a vital part of how pharma companies communicate with healthcare professionals. Our longitudinal results offer great insight into the best ways to engage with HCPs and meet the needs of the reps who work with them.

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