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At Intouch Medical Communications, we’re experts at leveraging scientific acumen, credentialed creative, vibrant visualization, and precision influence to get exceptional results. With more than a decade of global medical communications experience and industry-leading omnichannel expertise, we understand not only what it takes to develop compelling scientific exchange with heightened levels of engagement, but also the rules and necessary firewalls to ensure compliance in designing programs that meet your evolving business goals across the molecule’s life cycle.

And while we provide the full spectrum of services from early commercialization through LOE, we don’t view these activities in isolation but strive to build a holistic infrastructure, integrating face-to-face and digital initiatives across commercial and medical domains for better reach and deeper engagement. Partner with our unparalleled team to take on your one-of-a-kind medical communication challenges, and see how the masters craft savvy science into engaging clinical content.

Our Origin Story

Medical Communications Is a Vital Part of the Group

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Our CEO and founder, Faruk Capan, was born and raised in Turkey. He came to the United States – and the University of Central Missouri – for graduate studies. After an internship at Marion Merrell Dow (now Sanofi), Faruk landed at Teva Marion Partners (now Teva), where he built the first-ever online patient portal, MSWatch. The first website of its kind, it was a major innovation in the 1990s – as well as a major challenge, as the team learned to manage entirely new ways of communicating with patients.

Our Medical Communications team solves unique business problems with innovative and scalable solutions.

With MSWatch, Faruk learned the value of providing immersive educational experiences to make an impact on healthcare. With the desire to keep innovating to improve patient outcomes, Faruk quit his job and founded Intouch in 1999.

From day one, Intouch has built programs that amplify scientific communications with innovative engagement strategies powered by data-driven insights and tailored omnichannel solutions. We have:

  • extensive experience supporting the evolving needs of global and US commercial and medical affairs teams across a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • conducted thousands of gap and lexical analyses to create bespoke language for clinical differentiation
  • created hundreds of scientific platforms and clinical narratives to communicate brand stories
  • identified, recruited, and engaged thousands of global, national, and regional opinion leaders
  • facilitated and moderated countless insightful advisory boards
    pioneered innovative and interactive formats for peer-to-peer engagements such as virtual speaker programs
  • conceived and conducted a myriad of unique live and virtual educational and training events
  • developed hundreds of interactive visual aids for medical science liaison teams
  • created more than 1,000 immersive congress experiences

Today, Intouch Medical Communications is an integral part of a powerful global presence in healthcare marketing, a five-time pharma agency of the year winner, a five-time best place to work, and one of the top 20 most creatively awarded healthcare agencies.

After 20+ years, a history of great work, and tremendous growth, Intouch continues to champion our unique capacity for seeking and embracing change, our tenacity in taking on major challenges, and our commitment to true innovation.

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