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Daring, Driven, Dependable


SVP, Managing Director Client Services

Kim leads Intouch Seven with decades of healthcare consumer and HCP agency experience. Her expertise includes digital strategy, MCM marketing, social media, CRM campaign execution, and analytics. Kim’s work has generated more than 100 industry awards for Intouch and its clients. She believes success comes from fully understanding her clients’ business, a true passion for developing the best multichannel strategy and execution for brands, and doing work with a human purpose. When Kim isn’t improving the lives of patients with chronic health conditions, she enjoys cooking, traveling, and riding horses.

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SVP, Client Partner

With 20+ years’ experience leading launch teams and pushing for strategic thinking from the agency – including the first pharma omnichannel experience – Molly believes in looking beyond the surface to discover new theories, strategies, and tactics to provide proactive strategic inventions. That breakthrough thinking paid off most recently when she was named Pharmaceutical Executive Ad Star for Best Pharma Advertising Campaigns. Molly takes her fitness as seriously as she does her work, and uses her marathon runner mindset to compete, overcome any obstacle, and consistently overdeliver.

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SVP, Managing Director

Ann thrives when taking on challenges that require leveraging insights, strategic planning, and creative problem solving. She has led highly effective launch teams through dozens of first-in-class therapeutics and orphan drug approvals. Other areas of expertise include HCP and patient disease education and support for the diagnostic odyssey of rare diseases and high-science therapeutics. Ann was named Diagnostic Marketing Association (DxMA) Marketer of the Year and received a Gold Award for Best Corporate Marketing Campaign from MM+M. The smile on Ann’s face might be because she originally had a career path planned in dentistry before taking a detour into marketing.

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SVP, Strategic Planning

Machelle started her career client side, in clinical research. She’s been a pharma nerd, through and through, ever since.   She loves finding simple, authentic, and important stories within complexity. Machelle has supported more than 30 product launches and has held brand, launch, and marketing research leadership roles with a variety of life sciences companies. When she’s not nerding out on pharma’s biggest challenges, you can often find Machelle playing Fortnite with her sons.

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SVP, Executive Creative Director

A writer by trade, Brent is a big proponent of storytelling and human truth as the centerpiece of big ideas. He’s spent half of his 20+ year career focused on pharma and healthcare, with the other half rounded out by travel/tourism, sports, finance, tech, and automotive. Brent’s work has won countless awards, with recognition from all the industry shows to AdWeek to Google Creative Sandbox to SXSW. He was the creative lead on In My Eyes, the first app to combine VR + AR to simulate life with a retinal disease. Brent is a passionate fan of music and spent several early years DJing, including events for Red Bull and even spinning at Ultra Music Fest in Miami.

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VP, Project Management Office

Mike has nearly 15 years of pharmaceutical advertising experience, ranging from leading one of the first responsive web designs in the late 2000s to instituting enhanced process standards across numerous clients. Since joining Intouch, he has embraced new clients by tailoring our processes and operational models to their unique needs. ​Mike uses a solutions-oriented approach to identify gaps and fill them with the right methods and resources, relying on his diverse experience to leverage ideas that support agency and client goals. Notably, he has partnered with Vertex, Genentech, Astellas, Alynlam, Biogen, Merck, Actellion, Mallinckrodt, Pfizer, and Astra-Zeneca at various stages of the marketing lifecycle. ​A collaborative partner, Mike leads his team to champion flawless delivery while maintaining crisp and efficient PMO standards. Clients love his ability to relate to their business while fostering harmonious relationships. Mike earned a BS from Purdue University. When not charging up his teams, you can find him immersed in the outdoors and exploring new paths with his wife and two kids.

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