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What Matters Most: The Trends That Will Shape Pharma Marketing in 2022

Through the lens of 7 trends, we examine how our lives have changed over the past two years, and what pharma marketers need to do to recognize and weed out old assumptions and approaches to how we do business in 2022, and beyond.


Is Your Brand Ready for Loss of Exclusivity?

It’s never too soon to plan for patent expiration. Find out what it takes to inspire loyalty — and avoid business disruption — long after exclusivity is over.


Is Pharma Advertising Turning Off Pharma Audiences?

At a time when people are increasingly encouraged to be their authentic selves and demand that their needs be respected, how is your brand effectively communicating with and about those who have chronic conditions?


Intouch Steps Up to Combat Healthcare Disparities Faced by Black Women

Every woman’s health should be taken seriously, but Black women’s healthcare needs are often dismissed or ignored. Find out how we helped build a platform that empowers them to seek the care they deserve.


On Speakers Programs and PhRMA’s Updated Ethics Code

Learn about the updates and how Intouch develops memorable and impactful speaker programs while staying within the guardrails.


Inclusive Marketing: 7 Considerations for Reaching Underrepresented Audiences

Consumers are flocking to brands that mirror real-world demographics, and marketers who continue to exclude and stereotype are doing so at their own risk. How is your brand ensuring inclusivity in its marketing efforts?


Trans Healthcare: How Pharma Marketers Can Positively Impact This Underserved Community

In this POV, you’ll learn about the hurdles transgender people face in seeking care, and how pharma marketers can help clear the path.


The Benefits of Neurodivergence

About one in seven people is neurodiverse. What does this mean? Why is it a good thing? And how should it affect our work as healthcare marketers?


Drug Pricing Reform: Never Out of the Headlines

Drug pricing is not going to disappear from legislators’ desks, and even big-business-friendly politicians have pharma in their sights. Learn more about what pharma marketers need to know and do in this climate.


Reaching LGBTQ+ Audiences With an Inclusivity Assessment

Today, a growing percentage of Americans identify as LGBTQ+, and support for this diverse community is on the rise. What is your brand doing when it comes to thinking and acting inclusively?

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