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Intouch Innovation Expert Talks QR Codes & Pharma Marketing

QR codes are everywhere these days, but what good are they for pharma marketers? Intouch innovator Andrew Grojean has the answers.


The 4 Questions Clients Ask About NFTs

As terms like “NFTs” and “metaverse” grab more headlines, our clients are wondering what their health industry-related applications might be. Find out where Intouch innovation expert Andrew Grojean thinks these digital assets fit in pharma marketing.


The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of QR Codes – Why Pharma Marketers Should Care

There’s debate about the staying power of QR codes, but at Intouch, we think they’re here to stay. Find out what healthcare brands need to know.


Take Out the Garbage: 4 Ways to Ensure Equity in Healthcare AI

Data and AI scientists must strive to eliminate bias from anything that touches patient care. Find out how, from Intouch AI expert Abid Rahman.


The Future of Virtual Conferences: Intouch Looks at ASCO

A great deal of creativity and investment went into 2020 virtual conference efforts, so what comes next? Get Intouch’s takeaways from one of the world’s largest cancer research meetings to make sure your brand gets it right going forward.


Urgency at SXSW: Innovate at the Speed of the Pandemic

Inequity, tech burnout, a year of isolation – the pandemic has taken a toll on each of us. Learn more about how healthcare brands can ease these burdens and move forward successfully in this changed world.


7 Tips to Succeed at Virtual Conference Booths in 2021

Virtual conferences are here to stay. Learn what works and what doesn’t when preparing for your brand’s next virtual event.


CES 2021: The Digital Health Revolution & What Pharma Should Know

2021’s virtual CES shined a bright and hopeful spotlight on the future of digital health. The mega-tech conference featured over 39 sessions led by industry leaders across healthcare & tech companies, providers, consultants, and payers. Get the highlights here!


Telehealth & Pharma – Finding a Niche in This Rapidly Growing Field

With the rapid spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) throughout the United States, many pharmaceutical companies are being forced to prepare for a scenario in which their sales representatives cannot visit healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients are limited in their ability to visit healthcare facilities. This infographic looks at how telehealth services can play an […]


Oculus Connect 6: The Exciting Promise of VR in Healthcare

Facebook’s late-September Oculus Connect 6 event covered a lot of ground on the future of augmented and virtual reality. This recap highlights Oculus’s biggest announcements from the AR and VR event, covers the practical applications for patients, and addresses some of the ramifications for pharma.

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