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The Five Phases of Customer Experience Marketing

Modern customers expect brands to personalize their experience and anticipate their needs. Is your brand providing the modern marketing approach audiences crave?


Level Up Your Brand’s Approach to Hispanic Audiences

There’s a spectrum of audiences to whom pharma communications need to appeal, and it’s the right time to reflect our society’s sophisticated diversity.


Where Are You on the Path to Data-Driven Pharma Marketing?

The right data can help pharma brands understand, predict, and answer customer needs before they even arise.


Timing Isn’t (Quite) Everything: How to Achieve Content Velocity

It doesn’t matter if you have the best ideas if nobody knows about them. But how do you gain visibility? Check out these four tips for pharma marketing success.


Staying Relevant: Creating Personalized Messaging for Pharma Customers

How can pharma marketers stay agile in their messaging and remain top of mind in the digital era? Intouch’s top tech authority, David Windhausen, has the answers.


Marketing the Next Generation: What Modern Customers Expect

Which three key factors can provide the personalized experiences customers crave? Read on to find out.


Inclusive Marketing: 7 Considerations for Reaching Underrepresented Audiences

Consumers are flocking to brands that mirror real-world demographics, and marketers who continue to exclude and stereotype are doing so at their own risk. How is your brand ensuring inclusivity in its marketing efforts?


What’s Happening With Google Ad Changes?

Google recently held its first Marketing Livestream in two years, showcasing the latest features for Google Ads. Here’s what pharma marketers need to know, including an update from Google just announced today.


How Modular Content Can Up Your Marketing Game – A Whitepaper

As demand for more and more digital content grows, a modular approach offers a way to manage the need for speed. Learn what it is and how to do it, here.


Predicting the Future of Data Privacy Regulation

Get our summary of a discussion between the Coalition for Healthcare Communication and Alison Pepper, EVP of Government Relations at the 4A’s, about the current data-privacy landscape.

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